Tuesday, 24 June 2014

{food} 콩국수- cold soy noodle

{food} cold  soy  noodle - Korean food


: beans, noodle, salt, cucumber, tomato, peach, plum

How  to cook

1) Soak  beans  in  water  for  30 minutes  to  1 hour.

2) Boil  the  beans  after  soaking  it  for about 1 hours.
   (and  stir  the  sediment of  beans  while  boiling.)


3) Put  the  beans  into a blender  and  blend  for  1~3 minutes.

4) Place soy liquid  in  the fridge.

5) Boil  water  in a pot  to cook  noodle.

6)Put  the  noodle  when  the water  is  bubbling.

7) Fill  a plate  with noodle  and  pour  the soy  liquid
   over the plate

8) Decorate  the noodle  with cucumber, tomato and  fruite.

And   enjoy  yourself!!