Sunday, 29 June 2014

[diary] Eating 비빔냉면 (bibim cold noodle) at restaurant

29, June. 2014. Sunday

I  think  me  and my parents  eat  out  once  in  a  week.
This  summer  I  ate  Cold noodle  so many times, but  never cloyed.

First, 만두(Mandu) is  served.

And then  냉면 is  served~~~

Can   you  guess  how  to eat  mandu?

Cut  it  with  a  spoon  and   pour  some  sauce , and
enjoy  with  단무지(pickled radish)

Usually   noodle  stripes  of  비빔냉면   is   too  tough   to  eat,
so  most of  waitress  cut  noodle  with  a  scissors(it is  for  food).

Therefore, don't  be  shocked  if  you're going to   korean   restaurant.

Anyways,  I'm  so  full  ~~~~today./