Tuesday, 27 May 2014

[feng-shui] choose a good chair for your health

How to choose a  chair  for work

1) Choose a chair with a  backrest

2) Your  knees  are  higher than  your  pelvis  
    when  you  sit  on the chair.

What  is  a  good  chair  for  the  spine
When you are working?

 1)  the arm of a chair  

   The  arm  of  a  chair  is  very  important  of  the  spine  health.
   You  should  choose  a  chair  that  your  elbow  is  at  90 degrees
   when  you  sit  on  the  armchair.

   2) the back  of   a  chair
  The  back of  a  chair  should lean  backward  at  10 degrees.

  via- Jaseang chinese medicine clinic, spine center