Thursday, 22 May 2014

[easy yoga] child pose , balasana

[easy yoga] child pose( balasana)

Benefits  of  balasana

1. If  you  suffer from  frozen shoulder, this  pose will  help you.
    (Balasana  relieves  the  tension  of  shoulder muscle.)

2. This pose  stimulates  blood  circulation.

3. People  who  practice balasana  get  the  calmness  and  stability.

How  to do  this pose

1. Sit  on  the heels  and  then  place  your  hips  between  the  thighs.
    Straighten   the spine  and  look  ahead.

2. Exhale  and  bend  your  upper body.
   (Touch your  forehead  on the floor,place you  arms  on the floor,
    both  palms  toward the sky.)
   Stay  this pose for 1~3 minutes.

3. Exhale  and  slowly  lift  your  upper body.

4. Breathe  comfortably.