Saturday, 1 March 2014

{風水: Feng-shuii } tidy up lists for a good luck ,success and health

  7  tidy up  lists
 for a good luck ,success and  health

1. If  a watch  or  electric home appliances  doesn't work,
    repair  it

2. Stuffs  in  a  storehouse  have  to  be  a  well-ordered
   (everything  has  to  be  in  its place)

3. If  a  button  fell  off   your  clothes,  re-attach  it.

4. Don't put  an  umbrella  or newspaper  near  the front door.

5.  Choose  a  wastebasket   with  a small  size  and  bright color.

6.  Hide a  charger  of  a mobile phone  or  a  computer.

7. According  to  feng-suii,  
    a  book  means  the  edge of a sword,so  sleeping  with a book
    is  like  a  sleeping  with  a  sword.

    You should   re-posit  a  book   on  a  shelf
    even  if   you  want  to  sleep  at  once  after  reading  a book  .

(This  article  is  referred  to  the literature of  feng-shuii(風水)   .
 Feng-shuii(風水)  might  be  superstitious ,  however
  it  is  a  traditional  logic  to  systematize  a  geography.)