Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What it will happen if people who don't put a room in order?

What  it will  happen if  
  people  who  don't  put a room in order?

1. They  will  get  tired  and  spiritless

2. He or she  do stick  to the past

3. They  might become fat

4. Uncleanness room  can  reduce  a  sensitivity, a clear-mindedness
    and  an  intuition.

5. Maybe  they  are  under  a lot  of  stress

6. People  don't  tidy up  tend  to put  everything off  
    from day to  day.

7. A  good  luck  of  property  will  slip  out  of  their room
  when  lazybones  even  don't  know  it.